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Laser solutions for home appliance industry

 At present, the home appliance industry is in the key turning stage of "intelligent frontier".With the shortage of labor, as well as the rise of human costs, coupled with the decline of profit margins, labor-intensive industry - home appliance manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading is imminent, intelligent manufacturing, advanced laser processing is still the pursuit of each enterprise in the past two years.The original low-cost, large-scale development model is no longer sustainable, to high-end, intelligent transformation and upgrading has become a breakthrough of the entire home appliance industry.

In the background of the transformation and upgrading of the home appliance industry, Dingchuang laser with laser welding, laser marking and other innovative application technology, the laser processing technology is effectively applied to the current home appliance manufacturing, such as the welding of the alloy box used in washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, mold deep carving, cleaning;Marking the operation instructions and brand logos of home appliance shell;Drilling and cutting of metal parts and plastic parts;Micro drilling and welding of electrical circuit board.It provides a more efficient and precise processing solution for the present home appliance manufacturing.



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