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How to choose the suitable laser marking machine?

How to choose a suitable laser marking machine?
When choose a suitable laser marking machine,the following aspects need to be considered:
1. Marking materials: Different materials have different absorption rates and reactions to lasers. It is necessary to select the appropriate laser and parameter settings according to the specific material type.
2. Marking effects: Different application scenarios require different marking effects, such as fonts, patterns, QR codes, etc. It is necessary to select the appropriate laser and control software according to actual needs.
3. Laser power: Laser power is an important factor affecting the marking effect. The appropriate laser power needs to be selected according to the required depth and speed.
4. Marking speed: Marking speed also affects the marking effect. Too fast a speed may cause the mark to be unclear or not deep enough. You need to choose a suitable marking speed.
5. Stability: The stability of the laser marking machine is crucial to production efficiency and product quality, and stable and reliable equipment needs to be selected.
6. Price: The prices of laser marking machines of different brands and models vary greatly. You need to choose the most cost-effective equipment according to your budget.
To sum up, choosing a suitable laser marking machine requires comprehensive consideration of the above factors. If you need more help, it is recommended that you consult a professional technical engineer or manufacturer.



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