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Ding Chuang laser welding machine operating procedures and maintenance system

Dingchuang laser welding machine is a kind of welding equipment with high precision and high efficiency, which is widely used in metal processing, electronic manufacturing, automobile industry and many other fields. In order to ensure the normal operation of Dingchuang laser welding machine and extend its service life, the operation procedures and maintenance system are very critical. The operating procedures and maintenance system of Dingchuang laser welding machine are introduced in detail, so that users can operate and maintain the equipment correctly.

Ⅰ. Ding Chuang laser welding machine operating procedures

1. Safe operation:

Before using the Dingchuang laser welding machine, you must wear personal protective equipment, such as goggles, protective gloves, etc. At the same time, ensure that the working environment is clean and away from flammable and harmful substances. During the operation, it is strictly forbidden to leave the equipment, and the laser source must be turned off if necessary.

2. Equipment preparation:

Before turning on the Dingchuang laser welding machine, check whether the equipment is normal, including the cooling system, gas system, power supply, etc. After confirming that there is no abnormality, turn on the power, and carry out installation and debugging according to the requirements of the equipment manual.

3. Process parameter setting:

According to specific welding requirements, set appropriate process parameters, including power, frequency, pulse width, etc. Reasonable process parameter setting is crucial to welding quality and needs to be adjusted according to material properties and welding requirements.

4. Welding operation steps:

(1) Preparation of welding materials: Cut the materials to be welded into appropriate shapes and sizes, and perform surface treatment to ensure that there is no oil and impurities.

(2) Working platform setting: Adjust the height and position of the working platform so that the welding part can be accurately aligned with the laser beam.

(3) Initial focus adjustment: According to the thickness of welding materials and welding quality requirements, adjust the initial focus distance to ensure that the welding focus is consistent with the welding part.

(4) Welding operation: Perform welding operation according to the preset process parameters, keep the welding hand steady, and control the welding time and welding spot spacing.

(5) Post-welding treatment: After the welding is completed, clean up and inspect the welding points to ensure that the quality of the weld meets the requirements.

5. Shutdown and maintenance:

After the welding operation is completed, turn off the Dingchuang laser welding machine and cut off the power in time. Perform routine maintenance on the equipment, such as cleaning the work area, checking whether the cable connections are secure, etc. Carry out comprehensive inspection and maintenance on the equipment regularly to ensure the good operation status of the equipment.

Ⅱ. Dingchuang laser welding machine maintenance system

1. Cleaning and maintenance:

Regularly clean the housing and internal components of your welding machine equipment to ensure it is free from dust and grime buildup. When cleaning, care should be taken to prevent water or other solutions from entering the interior of the device and causing damage.

2. Cooling system maintenance:

It is very important to keep the cooling system smooth and stable. Regularly check the flow and temperature of the cooling water to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system. If there is any abnormality, clean or replace the cooling water in time.

3. Optical system maintenance:

Check and clean the optical system regularly to ensure the stability and efficiency of laser transmission. Use professional cleaning tools and methods and avoid scratching the optic surface.

4. Air system maintenance:

Keep the gas circuit system unblocked and working normally, regularly check whether the gas source and gas circuit connections are normal, and avoid leakage or blockage. Clean and replace the filter element to ensure the quality of the gas path.

5. Power maintenance:

Regularly check the connection of power lines and contactors to ensure stable power supply. Follow proper operating procedures to avoid power overload or short circuit.

By complying with the operating procedures and maintenance system of Dingchuang laser welding machine, users can make full use of the performance advantages of the equipment to improve welding quality and production efficiency. Reasonable operation and timely maintenance have an important impact on the life and stability of equipment. Users should also refer to the equipment manual and manufacturer’s recommendations according to specific needs, and formulate their own operating procedures and maintenance systems.



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