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Laser marking machine solutions for the home appliance industry

At present, the home appliance industry is in a critical turning stage of “intelligence frontier”. With the shortage of labor and the increase in labor costs, coupled with the decline in profit margins, the transformation and upgrading of the labor-intensive industry – home appliance manufacturing industry is urgent. Intelligent manufacturing and advanced laser processing are still the pursuits of various enterprises in the past two years. The original low-cost and large-scale development model is no longer sustainable, and the transformation and upgrading to high-end and intelligent has become a breakthrough for the entire home appliance industry.

In the context of the transformation and upgrading of the home appliance industry, Dingchuang Laser has effectively applied laser processing technology to current home appliance manufacturing, such as welding alloy boxes for washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, and deep carving and cleaning of molds, relying on innovative application processes such as laser welding and laser marking; Marking of household appliance shell operation instructions and brand identification; Drilling and cutting of metal parts and plastic accessories; Micro drilling and micro welding of internal circuit boards in electrical appliances. Providing more efficient and precise processing solutions for current home appliance manufacturing.



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