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the international journal of advanced manufacturing technology

Laser welding technology is a kind of welding method with high precision and efficiency.

It melts and rapidly cools the material through

the high-temperature and high-energy effects of a laser beam, fusing two objects together.

Due to the high energy density and short welding time of the laser beam,

it can reduce material deformation and heat affected areas, resulting in excellent welding effects and quality.

The International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Magazine

Laser Welding Machine is a welding equipment that integrates the latest laser welding technology. Let’s take a closer look.

Composition of laser welding technology

Laser welding technology mainly consists of three components, namely optical system, power system, and control system.

Optical system is the core component of laser welding technology. It mainly includes lenses, reflectors,

scanning heads, etc., used to concentrate and focus the laser beam,

and transfer the laser beam to the welding point. The design and construction of optical system is one of the cores of laser welding technology.

It should not only have high lens quality and reflector quality, but also have

the characteristics of repeatability, high stability and high integration.

Power system is another important part of laser welding technology,

which is mainly composed of laser, cooling system and power supply.

Laser is the core component of laser welding. It uses different wavelengths of laser,

has different power and energy density, and is used for different welding tasks.

The cooling system is mainly used to control the temperature of the laser and ensure its stable and reliable operation.

The power supply provides the power supply for the laser to ensure its normal operation.

The control system is the third part of laser welding technology, which is mainly composed of computers, sensors and controllers. The control system monitors and adjusts the laser welding process through the information obtained from the sensor to achieve the expected welding effect and quality. The computer provides a human-machine interface, making it convenient for operators to operate and adjust.

A device designed for high-precision and high-efficiency welding needs

International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Features of Laser Welding Machine

International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Magazine Laser Welding Machine is a kind of equipment designed for high precision and high efficiency welding requirements.

It has the following characteristics:

1. High precision: This equipment adopts high-quality optical systems and control hardware, with very high accuracy and stability, and can meet the needs of various high-precision welding tasks.

2. High efficiency: This equipment adopts internationally advanced control systems and laser technology, which can achieve very high welding speed and efficiency.

At the same time, the equipment also has automatic control function,

which can further improve production efficiency and quality.

3. Multifunctional: This device has multiple welding modes and welding parameter options, which can adapt to the needs of different materials and welding tasks.

At the same time, the equipment also

has a variety of welding heads and welding tool options,

which can achieve welding of various complex shapes and workpieces.

4. Uniqueness: This device has independent intellectual property rights and patented technology, which can achieve a unique welding mode and welding effect,

and has a very broad application prospect for some special welding needs.

In a word, the international magazine of advanced

manufacturing technology laser welding machine is a high-precision,

high-efficiency and multi-functional welding equipment integrating the latest laser welding technology. It has unique process design and technical advantages, and can meet the requirements of different welding needs. Therefore, it has broad application

prospects in the field of laser welding technology.



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