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What are the advantages of robotic arm laser welding machines?

Robotic arm laser welding machines can achieve flexible multi axis cooperation, improve accuracy and flexibility in welding work. Robotic laser welding machines combine various scientific technologies and can achieve flexible welding according to different specifications of work-pieces. Robotic arm laser welding machines are widely used in various fields with their own advantages, gradually replacing traditional welding machines.

The robotic arm laser welding machine adopts laser welding technology, which can achieve stable welding according to different specifications of work pieces. It adopts non-contact welding production, and the robot laser welding machine has a compact structure, mainly including the robot body, control system, semiconductor laser, teaching device, welding power supply, etc. It can be customized according to different fields of workpieces to meet the welding work of different workpieces.

Advantages of robotic arm laser welding machines:

  1. The production process achieves dynamic adjustment and can reflect the welding quality in numerical form. The robot laser welding machine can dynamically adjust the power and size of the laser focus according to processing requirements, with multiple sensors that can monitor the processing process in real-time. The light energy generated by the laser can be transmitted to distant workstations through small diameter optical fibers, and the workpiece can be welded through the robot.
  2. Improve labor productivity. Robot laser welding machines can achieve uninterrupted welding production, achieve mass production while ensuring quality, and improve production efficiency.
  3. Improve worker labor intensity and work in hazardous environments. The robot laser welding machine adopts non-contact welding production, which can replace completing work in harsh environments and reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases.
  4. Shortened the preparation cycle for product upgrades and reduced corresponding equipment investment. The use of robot laser welding machines can save a large number of templates and tooling equipment, reduce the workshop area by half, and save investment. The price of a robot laser welding machine ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, but its service life is longer, replacing manual production while improving production efficiency.

The above are the advantages of robot laser welding machines. Robot laser welding machines have various advantages, which can achieve automation and intelligence levels in the production process and achieve stable welding production.



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