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What are the advantages of Robotic arm laser welding machine used for stainless steel welding?

What are the advantages of Robotic arm laser welding machine for stainless steel welding? Stainless steel material has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and is widely used in many fields such as medical devices, electronics, petroleum, food, automotive manufacturing, etc. Traditional processes have many difficulties in welding stainless steel materials. The emergence of welding robots has solved the problems of difficulty, slow speed, abundance, and high cost in welding stainless steel.

Welding difficulty refers to welding quality issues. Traditional welding cannot control the specifications of the weld seam when welding stainless steel, and the welding quality can also be influenced by subjective factors of workers, resulting in uneven welding quality and high product repair rates. Robotic arm laser welding machine can accurately control the depth and width of the weld seam by adjusting the welding current and voltage, ensuring that the cooled weld seam is firm and beautiful.

Slow welding refers to the speed of stainless steel welding, and enterprises need high production efficiency in their production lines. Traditional welding can easily lead to a decrease in work efficiency over time, which affects welding efficiency. Robotic arm laser welding machine can achieve long-term welding and repeat welding actions during welding, effectively improving the production efficiency of the production line.

Welding is mainly due to heavy welding tasks. In production, stainless steel welding tasks are heavy, resulting in high labor intensity for workers. During welding, it is easy to cause occupational diseases and economic losses for enterprises.Robotic arm laser welding machine can achieve automation of the welding process, freeing workers from heavy welding tasks and preventing the occurrence of occupational diseases.

Welding costs refer to the user’s welding costs. The welding costs mentioned by the editor mainly include labor costs and material costs. The cost of Robotic arm laser welding machine is equivalent to the annual salary of an ordinary welder, and the placement of welding materials can be controlled during welding, without causing excessive welding waste and saving production costs for the enterprise.

Robotic arm laser welding machine have obvious advantages in welding stainless steel work pieces, which can clarify the production cycle of products, improve welding efficiency while stabilizing welding quality, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.



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