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Application of Laser Welding Machine in New Energy

Analysis of the advantages of laser welding machine application in the field of new energy battery welding:

The laser welding power battery has high energy density, small welding deformation and small Heat-affected zone, which can effectively improve the precision of the parts. The welds are smooth and free of impurities, uniform and compact, and no additional grinding work is required; Due to the fact that the structure of power batteries typically contains multiple materials, power battery laser welding machines can weld dissimilar metals.

The main parts that need to be welded for power batteries are:Shell, cell ear, explosion-proof film, battery pack. The power battery cells can be divided into square, cylindrical, and soft pack batteries, and the battery pack is a power supply composed of multiple cells in series and parallel.

The welding technology of laser welding machines can be used for: sealing welding of safety valve structure, sealing welding of cover plate, welding of lead out lug, welding of lug assembly, and welding of battery pack connection. The laser welding machine is used to weld these parts. The laser has a good absorption for their materials, and the heat-affected zone of laser welding is small. The weld joint is beautiful, and the welding is more secure and relatively safer.

Laser welding machine is applied for automatic welding of cylindrical battery caps:

Welding of battery caps such as 18650 and 14650 can be achieved. The equipment adopts manual feeding, automatically achieving compression, welding, and cutting, with fast welding efficiency. It can achieve fully automatic feeding and cutting according to customer needs, greatly increasing welding efficiency, and also achieving versatility for welding various specifications of cylindrical batteries.

Laser welding machine is used for welding battery electrodes:

Adopting semi-automatic feeding, manual feeding can meet the requirement of 3 hours. The equipment operates automatically, grabbing the electrode and nickel plates and combining them together to achieve automatic compression and welding. After welding is completed, the material is automatically cut off. The cutting mechanism can store up to 5000pcs of finished products each time. When the finished products accumulate in the feeding mechanism to a certain amount, the equipment will sound and light an alarm, and then manually transfer the finished products to other places at once.

Laser welding machine is applied for sealing welding of power battery/super capacitor cover plates:

  • Using a1000W fiber laser source,matching with collimated focusing lens

for welding,manual feeding, rotating dual station feeding, CCD image positioning system to assist in positioning, and the x, Y, and Z platforms driving the collimated focusing lens to move along the trajectory based on positioning information, automatically focusing and welding. The connecting piece welding fixture, sealing bolt welding fixture, and shell welding fixture are respectively installed on a rotating platform. The X, Y, and Z platforms drive the collimated focusing head to move to achieve station conversion, and welding, loading, and unloading can be carried out simultaneously, improving production capacity.

Laser welding machine is applied to the welding of PACK power battery pack:

The power cell welding line consists of several parts: the feeding line, the primary detection line, the welding/detection line, the sorting line, and the unloading line. The height of the loading and unloading lines is relatively low, about 300mm above the ground, making it convenient for manual retrieval and placement; The power cell enters the primary detection line through the feeding line, and this workstation performs weighing and testing on the power cell. Unqualified cells are sorted and sent to the waste section; Afterwards, the power battery is grabbed and placed into the welding/testing line by electric grippers. This station can perform pre welding inspection, welding, and welding quality inspection on the battery cells. After welding is completed, the battery cells flow into the next station, and the sorting station separates the qualified battery cells after welding; The qualified sorted cells flow into the discharge line.

There are many welding points for power battery welding, which require high welding strength. However, laser welding can fully meet the requirements of power battery welding, and the welding quality is guaranteed. During the welding process, the stability of single point energy has a significant impact on the quality of welding. The process of welding a power battery is completed by moving the parts that need to be welded according to a predetermined track. After the relative movement of the torsion shaft, the welding is completed by sequentially blending the welding data.



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