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Application of laser welding robot technology

The laser welding robot uses the semiconductor laser as the welding heat source. The laser welding robot can irradiate the laser beam with high energy density on two parts of the material, so that the part is heated and melted, and then cooled and solidified to form a whole. Songle intelligent equipment shares the advantages and basic performance requirements of laser welding robot here.

Advantages and characteristics of laser welding robot:

1. The laser welding robot needs no contact processing and has no external force on the welding parts.

2. The laser energy of the laser welding robot is highly concentrated, with small thermal impact and thermal deformation.

3. Laser welding robot can weld high melting point, refractory and difficult to weld metals, such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, etc., and can realize welding between some dissimilar materials.

4. The welding process of laser welding robot has no pollution to the environment, and can be directly welded in the air. The process is simple and practical.

5. The laser welding robot has small welding spots, narrow welding seams, neat and beautiful, and requires no or simple processing procedures after welding. The weld structure is uniform, with few pores and defects, which can reduce and optimize the impurities of the base material. The mechanical strength of the weld is often higher than that of the base material. The mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and Electromagnetism properties of laser welding robot are superior to those of conventional welding methods.

6. The laser can be accurately controlled, the focus spot is small, and the laser welding robot can be positioned with high precision to achieve precision machining.

7. Laser welding robot is easy to cooperate with computer numerical control system or manipulator and robot to realize automatic welding and improve production efficiency.

Basic performance requirements for laser welding robots

1. Welding speed. The welding speed needs to be matched with the welding quality. If the welding speed is too fast, it will affect the welding quality and easily cause welding defects such as welding deviation, insufficient welding, and missing welding. If the welding speed is too slow, it will affect the production process of the product. Welding speed is an important indicator that determines the welding efficiency.

2. Wrist rated load. It refers to the load that the end of the laser welding robot can bear. The rated load of the wrist determines its arm span and the specification of the welding workpiece. Its load includes welding gun, cable, vision sensor, wire feed pipe, etc.

3. Number of axes. It refers to the joints of the laser welding robot. The flexibility varies with the number of axes. The laser welding robot with a large number of joints has better flexibility, and the specifications of the welded workpiece will be more, and the welding application will be wide.

4. Arm extension. It reflects the welding radius of the laser welding robot. The longer the arm span, the larger the welding radius and the larger the size of the weldment. The user can select the arm span of the laser welding robot according to their own welding space, weldment specifications and welding needs.

5. Body weight. The body weight of laser welding robots is different according to different specifications, different arm spans and different welding ranges.

6. Repetitive positioning accuracy. It reflects the welding accuracy maintained by the laser welding robot in repeated actions, and the laser welding robot with qualified quality can maintain the welding accuracy without deviation.

The moving speed of laser welding robot is an important indicator. It is required to be able to quickly complete the multi-point positioning of small pitch (such as positioning after moving 30-50mm pitch every 0.3-0.4 seconds); To ensure welding quality, high positioning accuracy is required (usually ± 0-25mm); And it has a large weight (50-100Kg) for carrying welding tongs with built-in transformers.



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