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Daily maintenance of laser welding machine

In the maintenance of laser welding machines, we need pay attention to some aspects. The machine can be used more efficiently for a long time.

Daily maintenance methods for laser welding machines:


  1. Firstly, forthe maintenanceof laser welding machine , we need to carry out internal or external terminal inspections in our daily work. These inspections can help us confirm whether the machine is in a normal state. However, before the inspection, we must cut off the power supply to better ensure our personal safety.
  2. In addition to checking the condition between terminals, we also need to conduct regular inspections to check whether the cooling system of the welding machine is working properly during the power-on process? For example, ifthe water chiller is setin normal condition? Did it go smoothly? We also need to check if some of the welding wire joints on the machine are loose, and if there are any parts that are too hot and hot during the metal laser welding process. Once the above problems occur, we must first cut off the power supply, and then solve the problems.
  3. Professionals should be aware that metal laser welding machines themselves are forced air-cooled, which means it is very easy to absorb external dust into the interior of the machine. Therefore, we need to regularly sort out some dust inside the welding machine to avoid long-term accumulation, which may lead to machine failure. Secondly, what needs to be checked is the part of the power wiring. In this part, we mainly check whether the connection ports of the external and internal wiring are loose. Generally, machines use screws for connection. If we find screws loose, we need to tighten them in a timely manner. If rust occurs, it is best to remove the rust or replace the screws.
  4. For a relatively large machine like a laser welding machine, in addition to some internal problems, our external appearance may occasionally deform and rust due to collisions. Therefore, if there is serious damage, it is necessary to repair it in a timely manner to avoid making the damage bigger, which not only affects the machine itself but also its aesthetics.


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