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Welding process of laser welding machine

1、 Advantages of lasers

Compared with the traditional arc welding process, laser beam welding has many advantages:

Selective energy application in small areas: reducing thermal stress and reducing heat affected zone, with extremely low distortion.

Narrow joint seam and smooth surface: reduce or even eliminate rework.

Combination of high strength and low welding volume: The welded workpiece can withstand bending or hydraulic forming.

Easy to integrate: can be combined with other production operations, such as alignment or bending.

Only one side of the seam needs to be approached.

High process speed reduces processing time.

Especially suitable for automation technology.

Good program control: Machine tool control and sensor system detect process parameters and ensure quality.

Laser beams can generate solder joints without touching the surface of the workpiece or applying force to the workpiece.

Laser beams can connect workpieces or generate deep welds on metal surfaces, and can also be combined with traditional welding methods or used for brazing.




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