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Laser solutions for auto parts industry

In automotive manufactury, the door wall, bottom plate, column are applied to the current laser technology, the use of the current laser technology can be different steel plate, aluminum plate cut into different sizes and shapes, and then use laser technology to splicing them together according to the specific design needs.

Compared with the previous processing mode, it not only provides the processing efficiency, but also gives a great play to the flexibility of the processing design. The process design is also more lean, and effectively improves the utilization rate of materials.

For the small parts in the automobile manufacturing, not only can use the current laser technology, fine seamless welding, but also can use the laser technology for product information marking, which not only improves the stability and safety of the car, but also can carry on the anti-counterfeiting identification of parts and product tracking.

Automobile manufacturing involves many related industries, is a very huge system engineering, need a series of technology cooperation, the laser technology application in the field of automobile, is just a laser technology application in the field of automobile manufacturing some of the direction, as now laser technology and the deepening of automobile manufacturing industry become attached to, now laser technology application in the field of automobile manufacture has been involved in many industries.

Like the fiber laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, involved in many aspects of automotive manufacturing now, excellent performance advantages, is gradually promoting the rapid development of automotive manufacturing.



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