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UV Laser Marking Machine/Laser Marking Machine/Laser Marker/

UV Laser Marker

The realization on the conversion of different font and size of the character in the laser marker with the windows vector font base

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UV Laser Marking Machine

With small UV focus spot and heat affected zone, UV laser marking machine has high absorptivity to 355nm UV-light, which is suitable for many materials.


  1. Higher beam quality and smaller laser spot for ultra-precision marking.
  2. Wider application range since most materials can absorb UV laser.
  3.  Extremely small thermal effect area with no heating or burning issue.

Technical Parameters

Name UV Laser Marking Machine
Core parts RFH/HUARay/INNO UV lasers,High speed two-dimensional scanning galvanometer,
JCZ controlling system
Power 3W 5W
Marking range 110x110mm/140x140mm/210x210mm(optional)
Marking speed 0~7000mm/s(adjustable)
Processing contents vector graphics, text, barcode, QR code, etc.
Applied materials Non-metal, Paperboard, Sticker, Plastics, PET, Glass, Metal Materials, etc
Min. Line width 0.01mm
Repeat accuracy ±0.003mm
Power supply and work   temperature AC 220V/10A/50Hz, 20℃~35℃

 Sample Show

UV laser marker

UV laser marker

Application Area

It is widely used in electronic components, integrated circuits, hardware, auto parts, plastic products and many other fields, especially for high quality laser precision micro-processing.


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