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Laser solutions for mobile phone industry

 With the technological progress of microelectronics industry and the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of personalized mobile phone, the mobile phone industry is developing towards the direction of integration and high precision. Its product components are getting smaller and smaller, and the processing technology is getting more and more complex.As laser industry pioneer, ding chong laser relying on its technical advantages, the applications of laser technology and modern organic combination of the mobile phone manufacturing process, solve the mobile phone industry now in the production of many problems, such as mobile phone casing cutting, motherboard, keyboard, chip marks and the receiver, headphones, engraving and drilling accessories and so on.Make up for the shortage of traditional technology, for your mobile phone manufacturing and processing to provide more precise, efficient processing solutions.At the same time, the advanced laser application technology provides you with a complete laser application technology, not only to meet your diversified processing needs, but also for your processing and production to bring more considerable economic benefits.


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